Think out of the box... and make it happen. 

At Blue Socks Media, we create, manage and market children’s and pre-teen media assets.  We’re left and right brained…  creatives who understand the magic it takes to make a property work and how to work a property. We really care and it shows in everything we do. 


Raggs continues to rock! The five colorful pups entertain preschool kids worldwide in media, licensing and live shows! With 195 original episodes, 200+ songs and new animated online content – in many languages. Raggs looks to continue category growth and is exploring new production.

Quinn & The quips

(Live Action Comedy)

Quinn captures the imagination of the next tween generation by brilliantly incorporating eSports, AI technology, and social media. Armed with a successful Kickstarter campaign, a couple of accolades already, and a killer bible, Quinn is gathering partners to launch!

Artwork for concept reference only.


CZ kitty mascot

CZ makes preschoolers laugh.  Cézanne, a wise-cracking, yoga-practicing, hipster cat must transform into CZ, the traditional, crowd-pleasing kitty mascot of Fun Day Prep if he wants a job. CZ is early-stage, but looking for a happy home.